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Secure Cloud based hosting

Flexible to your company and online growth

Trusted and Reliable



Key deliverables

MYPREMIER help you provide your clients an online service to be proud of

Why Choose Web Hosting in the Cloud?

Get Your Website Found

Let our team find ways to drive more traffic to your website. We will develop and execute a plan to improve your SEO rank on Google™, Yahoo!® and Bing™

Proven Reliability

Web hosting in the cloud keeps website files stored across multiple servers, keeping your site online even if servers crash.


  • What is web hosting?

    Web hosting provides the server space where your website lives on the internet. If you think of your website as a house and your domain name as an address, web hosting is the plot of land where your website sits. 

  • How does cloud hosting work?

    Web hosting on the cloud serves your website files over many different servers, which means that in the event of a hardware failure your website will remain online. Web hosting on the cloud is a great option. Whether you want to create your own website or you prefer to use our website design and development services, Network Solutions has the plan for you.

  • What is the difference between cloud and WordPress hosting?

    With cloud hosting, you can build your own website with any web content management system or use our website builder. It gives you the flexibility to do what you want with your site. WordPress hosting gives you robust features on a platform designed specifically to work with WordPress so your WordPress site works faster than a site hosted on a typical cloud hosting platform.

  • Can I transfer my website hosting to Network Solutions?

    Yes, you can transfer your web hosting services to Network Solutions. It's a quick and easy migration with little to no downtime or service interruption.

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